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“One of the findings…is the early development of highly organized and remarkably articulate speech of those children who have been exposed to prenatal music stimulation.”
Donald Shetler, “The Inquiry Into Prenatal Musical Experience,” Music and Child Development
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“…children in the experimental sample (who participated in a PreNatal Stimulation Program) displayed significantly superior developmental and intellectual achievements than the control group.”
Dr. Sheila Woodard, “Musical Origins,” Sound Ideas, July/August 1999.

“Moreover, in an arresting series of new studies audiobiologist Michele Clements has shown that the unborn child has distinct musical likes and dislikes – and discriminating ones at that.

“….Vivaldi is one of the unborn child’s favorite composers; Mozart is another. Whenever one of their soaring compositions was put on a record player, reports Dr. Clements, fetal heart rates invariably steadied and kicking declined. The music of Brahms and Beethoven and all kinds of rock, on the other hand, drove most fetuses to distraction. They kicked violently when records of these composers were played to their pregnant mothers.

“It’s even possible to begin teaching an unborn baby. At the very least, a pregnant woman who spends a few minutes each day listening to soothing music could make her child feel more relaxed and tranquil. At most, that early exposure might create in the child a lifelong musical interest.”
The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, Thomas Verny, M.D. with John Kelly

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