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Baby Music Class is scheduled once a week for an hour. It is important to support the class time by playing the CD “Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes” between each class, as much as possible. You should also play the games and activities with your child at home.

Cancellations and Make-Ups
Classes adhere to a published Studio Calendar. You and your child will form friendships with the others in your class. Your regular attendance each week is important to assist in this part of your child’s development, so we do not allow ‘subbing’ another class for yours if you must miss a class. As long as absences are kept to a minimum, you and your child will enjoy the great benefits of this training.

Tuition and Fees
Registration Fee This $35.00 fee is payable once a year or when returning from an absence of a month or more.
Tuition Similar to enrollment in private schools and programs, payment is on a tuition basis rather than a set fee per lesson or hour. Fees are assessed by the Semester, but can be divided into quarterly equal monthly payments if necessary. Tuition payments are due the FIRST OF EACH MONTH AND LATE AFTER THE SEVENTH.
Quarterly Fee $180.00 (a 25% discount over monthly rate) or $75.00 a month
Late Fee A $10.00 late fee is assessed AFTER THE SEVENTH each month if payment has not been received

FAQs Missed and Make-up Classes

Q: We cannot always attend on the same day. Is it OK if we occasionally make up on another day for the day we have to miss?
A: Families are encouraged to enroll for one of our two classes and even if you miss, to not attend on the other day. There are three reasons for this:

Your tuition payment holds your place in class so you are always assured you have it, even if you do miss from time to time.  The extra classes are a bonus that we offer in addition to that.

Q: Classes are held year-round. What is your policy regarding missing some months here or there? We may be gone a long time in the summer or have another month where relatives are visiting or we have lots of conflicts. Since you accept monthly payments, can I assume that’s OK?
A: During the summer months families may need a month off and our schedule can accommodate that.  If, however, a month is missed at any other time of the year, we will continue to reserve your child’s place in class and you will pay the Registration Fee $35 again when you return. The Registration Fee is paid at the beginning of your enrollment. Although it is called an 'Annual Registration Fee,' it is not reassessed annually. It is reassessed when a family takes a month off at any time of year other than the summer.

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