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Parents Say…
“My daughter enjoys the circle songs and singing. She loves to dance and sing and it showed today in class.”
Denise P; Spring, Texas

“My son listens to all of the instruments being played. When we get home, he wants to do things he learns in the class.”
Rhonda D; Cypress, Texas

“I was surprised at how much he loved listening to the performance and story time.”
Amy J; Conroe, Texas

"I was given the gift of 12 years of piano training via the Suzuki method. I had no idea that Suzuki had implemented a baby class into their curriculum.

The class is one-of-a -kind using the fundamentals that are so very important to training the ears of our infants. It's nursery rhyme format, one that seems all but lost in this day and age, and serves to develop a child's sense of rhythm and pitch in a remarkable way, a way that has been proven throughout the test of time. A child learns music naturally from hearing its mother and other mothers sing and clap and dance, and this is fundamental. The Suzuki Baby Music Class is truly different in that it takes our children to a grass roots level to develop critical connections in the brain, forming the foundation for their musical ability that will be ingrained in them for a lifetime.

Kai's impeccable sense of rhythm has developed beyond my wildest imagination and she has perfect pitch at 2 years old. She is also being imprinted with the social exposure that accompanies performing in front of others and I've seen her blossom and become increasingly more comfortable performing in front of others.

I'm blessed beyond words and extremely grateful to have found this class! Our children's future is absolutely 'nurtured by love' in the baby class. I am thankful, with all my heart.

To say I am a satisfied customer is a wee bit of an understatement."
Brooke D.; Kai’s Mom: Houston, Texas

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki said…
“…inspiration and interest are acquired involuntarily by an infant from everything he sees and hears, like a seed that is planted…”
Nurtured By Love, pg. 7

Comparing human learning to making a plaster cast:
“At first, it is wet and gooey. The plaster soon hardens. After the hardened form is made, nothing can be changed about it. The heart and talents of a person are the same.”
Ability Development from Age Zero, pg. 86

Parents Compare Suzuki Baby Class with other Franchised Music Programs…
“The other class is a ‘feel-good’ thing more than a learning experience. The content is what you get if you watch videos or Children’s Music on TV or you sing at home with CD’s. It’s more of a remedial program. Basically, to teach you how to play with kids. Suzuki Baby Music is more of a musical development class.”
Mary P; Humble, Texas

“Some activities in [the Franchised Class] are similar – scarves, rolling the ball and motions to music – but in the Suzuki Class, they are for different outcomes. For example, it’s not just playing with the scarf, but it’s working together with the parent to fold and put it away again.

"This Suzuki Class is more musical, more sophisticated. You have an emphasis on classical music and sound and playing and listening to real instruments rather than singing with recordings.”
Dani S; Houston, Texas

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