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Flash Card Games

One-String Drill
Remove all cards which show a specific string and view only the selected cards repeatedly, shuffling them each time. Increase speed with each repetition.

Draw a card from the deck and give its name. Award a point for each correct answer and place the card aside. If the card is missed, lay the card in a different pile and award no points. Review missed answers. Increase accuracy with each repetition.

Lay down several cards with the border sides facing up. Think of the answer and turn the card over to see if you are right. Place correct answers in one pile and incorrect answers in another. Review to increase accuracy.


Flashcard Matching Game
Sent by Paul Madryga, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Instructor at Brandon University Community Program

Sort the fingering (green) cards by string.

Lay them out, string by string, lowest to highest - top string on top, bottom string on bottom, to replicate the guitar neck as viewed by the guitarist [ like TAB ]

Student must match the notation (orange) cards with the correct fingering card Variation: repeat all of the above, but switch card sets (i.e., notation cards arranged as per above layout, and fingering cards to be matched with them)

The Sequel: Once this is easy (i.e., once the Student has learned the pattern of low-to-high and bass-to-treble), the teacher or parent can rearrange the laid-out cards - switch around the cards on one string; switch around whole strings; gradually make it more complicated so that the Student increasingly has his/her memory of the pairings of each set of cards challenged, regardless of positioning on the table.

Flashcard Bingo
sent by Mark Marston, Trafford, PA, USA, Instructor in Pittsburgh, PA

This 'B-I-N-G-O' Game is an idea to get students visualizing the notes away from the guitar. If you play in a group setting with more than one student, you need a set of cards for each one.

Instead of 'B-I-N-G-O' across the top, have a row of the open strings using the green-colored cards. Under them are columns of the orange note cards in random order. Now the 'game board' is set.

Use the stack of green 'fingering' cards to draw from as if they are the Bingo Wheel. Call out, “5th string, 3rd fret” or whatever is on the face of the card drawn. The Student has to figure out the note in their head, and put a token over that card. The regular rules of bingo apply.

The 'winner' is the first to make a row all the way down or across.

Options are “Treble String Bingo” for the new readers & “Bass String Bingo” for more advanced students learning ledger line notes.

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